Susanne Zargar Swiridoff

Susanne Zargar Swiridoff studied composition and English and American Literature and Linguistics in Stuttgart and Munich and stayed abroad to continue her studies in England, Kanada, USA and Argentina. She started to teach at Stuttgart University of Music in 1979 and specialized in Contemporary and Non-European Music. As a guest lecturer she travelled to Madrid, Vienna, Vilnius and Shaoxing. For her works -  more than 80 works for opera, orchestra, concertos, chamber music, vocal music - she received numerous national and international prizes and received many commissions. In 1987/1988 she went to Rome being awarded the prestigious scholarship of the German Academy in Italy, Villa Massimo.
Since 2002 Susanne Zargar Swiridoff is also active as a gallerist organizing exhibitions and opening vernissages.
With reference to Susanne Zargar Swiridoff's compositions many television programs sent portrait features such as ZDF, SAT 3, NDR, SWF, RAI.


Study trip to Thailand, Cambodia

Participation „1. International Giselher-Klebe-Competition for Operas“ with Habba Khatoon, Opera for large orchestra and 8 singers. 


Christopher Lehmpfuhl „Schloßplatz am Abend, Berlin“
Study Trip to Cuba, Havanna, Trinidad, Santiago, to USA New York, San Francisco, Srinagar in Kashmir


Marriage with Shaizan Mohd. Altaf Zargar, Srinagar, Kashmir, India
Christopher Lehmpfuhl „Malstationen Berlin“, Öl auf Leinwand
Trip to Brasil – Salvador de Bahia, Rio, Amazonas, Iguacu
Monika Sigloch, Schwäbisch Hall, „Flaming June“
Trip to South India and Cashmir, Srinagar
Eric Decastro, Frankfurt „Fall into the Blue“


Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Berlin, “Zyklus Berlin“
Trip to Ecuador – Quito, Cotopaxi, Rose Farm Florely, Guayaquil
Wahl in den Vorstand des Internationalen Archivs, Frau und Musik, Frankfurt
Gallery Exhibition Gerda Bier, Schwäbisch Hall „Skulpturen und Materialcollagen“
Trip to India – Delhi, Taj Mahal, Rajasthan


Trip to Korea – Seoul, Busan, Gyeong Ju, Sorak San
Trip to Peru – Lima, Cusco, Macchu Pichu,  Titicaca See


Opening of the renovated Gallery with Christopher Lehmpfuhl's main work „DIE NEUE MITTE“, oil paintings on canvass, documentation of the demolishment of Palace of Republic, Berlin.
Trip to Mexico, Peninsula of Yucatán
Trip to Tansania, East Africa


Gallery Exhibition with oil paintings by Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Berlin and Klaus Zylla, Berlin
Started to learn the Korean Language
Composer-in-Residence in California
Trip to Bali


Trip to Bei Jing, China, and New York
Gallery Exhibition of Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Berlin
Trip to Japan, Tokio, Hiroshima, Kyoto


Trip to Egypt, Kairo, Luxor, Assuan
Started to learn the Chinese Language


Gallery Exhibition for Klaus Zylla, Berlin, oil paintings, works on paper, illustrated books, lithographies
Started to run the Gallery „Paul und Susanne Swiridoff“
Death of her husband Paul Swiridoff


Birth of their daughter Katharina


Marriage with Paul Swiridoff


Stay abroad, Award of the Scholarship German Academy of Villa Massimo, Rome, Italy
Studies in Italian Language


Studied the Spanish language in Argentina, Uruguay and Spain


Sudied composition with Peter Maxwell Davies in Dartington, England


Studied composition with Agosto Benjamin Rattenbach in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Studied composition in Munich, Exam Master of Cocmposition, Germany


Published „Apocalyptica“, a multimedia Ballet-Opera by Fernando Arrabal and Milko Kelemen, Rohrdorf/ Laaber


Guest Student with Jean Jacques Nattiez at Université de Montréal, Canada


Summer Courses in Oxford and Cambridge on English Literature, Lyrics and Drama, England


Guest student at Yale University, New Haven, Conneticut, USA


Studied anglistics and americanistics, linguistic and literature at Stuttgart University, exam, Germany


Studied academic music, piano (Juergen Uhde), composition (Milko Kelemen) at Stuttgart University of Music, exam, Germany


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